Friday, January 30, 2015

The Cure for Dreaming by Cat Winters

This one is really a mix of genres: lots of historical detail and facts about women's suffrage that I never learned in history classes with some elements of fantasy and horror thrown in.  Olivia feels strongly about women's rights and has attended rallies and demonstrations in support of this cause. Her father, however, strongly believes that women should never be educated, should always be married and should stay in the home cooking and cleaning. So strongly that when hypnotist Henri Reverie comes to town to entertain he hires him to "cure" Olivia of her unfeminine dreams of being more than a housewife and mother.  But he does not realize that Henri does not feel the same way as he does about women. Henri, a male feminist,  proceeds to hypnotize Olivia and instructs her to "see the world as it really is".  With this gift she begins to see "monsters" in what used to be normal average people. What ensues is a battle between Olivia, her father, and uppercrust society's anti-suffragette group, and a budding love story between Olivia and Henri.  
Winters' writing is crisp and flows really well, keeping the story exciting. It's a page-turner for sure!